End the Epidemic LA is committed to reducing the record levels of opioid abuse occurring throughout Louisiana on multiple fronts: By better educating patients about proper prescription usage and storage; By communicating the dangers of illicit drugs and prescription abuse; By providing treatment information; And by teaching educators, parents, and family members how to spot opioid abuse among their students, peers, and loved ones.


How We Can Help:

End the Epidemic LA is a joint outreach effort between Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry's Office and the Louisiana Ambulance Alliance designed to combat opioid abuse in Louisiana.  The effort is funded at no expense to taxpayers through the Opioid Abuse Prevention Fund, which collects monies through pharmaceutical rebates requested by Emergency Medical Services providers across the state.

Avoid it, Spot it, Treat it: End the Epidemic La is a resource for anyone wishing to learn more about how to avoid opioid addiction, spot opioid addiction in others, and treat opioid addiction.  In addition to providing information and resources on this website, End the Epidemic LA will be advertising across the state in a variety of formats to generate awareness about this problem.

Representatives from the Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry’s Office are always available to meet with students, parents’ groups, athletic teams, and addiction centers to further the conversation about the consequences of opioid abuse.  To schedule an event, please click here for our Partner with Us section.