Pushing through pain: Opioid alternative helps new moms recover from C-sections

Donaldsonville Chief - Katrina Bowman has dealt with a lot in her 16 years as a surgery nurse.
So when her blood pressure started rising one day last year, about seven months into a pregnancy that had included severe preeclampsia, she knew it was time to call the doctor and get things checked out.
Her daughter, Kinley, was delivered via cesarean section a short time later, about two months earlier than expected.
For many new moms facing comparable health issues, C-sections are a necessity. But for Bowman, 37, it was the preferred choice for delivery.
“I wanted a C-section,” said Bowman, a nurse at OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. “It’s probably the surgical nurse in me. ... Surgery is my life. It seemed more controlled and planned out.“
What she didn’t want, however, were copious amounts of prescription opioids for the pain that comes with cutting through skin and muscle.