$1 Million Settlement to Curve Opioid Abuse Deaths

KADN - A unique lawsuit settlement that may save the lives of opioid overdose victims was announced today by Louisiana Attorney General, Jeff Landry. Landry says 120 family members and friends are currently dying everyday to opioid abuse across the country. Louisiana is one of the top ten states for drug overdoses by opioids.

The agreement by Landry’s office and Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant, will give Louisiana the equivalent of one million dollars worth of Naloxone doses, a drug that offsets the effects of opioids. Landry says the doses will be about 60 thousand vials and will be distributed to first responders in Louisiana through vouchers, which various public safety organizations may request.

“This is an epidemic that knows no boundaries. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white or Hispanic, whether you’re poor or rich, whether you live in an effluent neighborhood or a poor neighborhood. This epidemic is taking loved ones.” says Louisiana Attorney General, Jeff Landry.