If you or someone you know are struggling with opioid abuse or addiction, there is help available. Please click images below to get helpful information to recognize the problem and end it. As always, we encourage you to contact the National Treatment Referral Hotline at 800-662-HELP.



Store your medications securely and out of sight in order to prevent them from falling into the hands of someone who wants to abuse them.  Keep them out of reach of minors and monitor your medication to ensure that none is missing. 

Make sure to be responsible and environmentally safe when disposing of unused or expired medications. This can be done by moving the medication from its original container into a plastic bag or other sealable container and mixing it with something like coffee grounds that make it unrecognizable. The container can then be tossed in the trash.

Participate in drug take-back days, often sponsored throughout the year by local law enforcement agencies. These events provide an opportunity to anonymously drop off unused or expired prescription medications.

National Treatment Referral Hotline: 1-800-662-HELP